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General Chair, ICWSM'15
Publicity Chair, WWW'15


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Daniele Quercia is a computer scientist, has been named one of Fortune magazine's 2014 Data All-Stars, and spoke about “happy maps” at TED.  His research area is urban computing. He was Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs, a Horizon senior researcher at The Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, and Postdoctoral Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He received his PhD from UC London. His thesis was sponsored by Microsoft Research Cambridge and was nominated for BCS Best British PhD dissertation in Computer Science. During his PhD, he was MBA Technology Fellow at London Business School.


Chatty, Happy, and Smelly Maps @ LocWeb, WWW May'15
Social Media for Cold Management @ SWDM, WWW May'15

In the press
The shortest paths to happiness. Literally


fortune big data star

best paper award at ubicomp

happy ways


The Pursuit of Urban Happiness @ MSM, WWW May'14
Evolutionary Habits on the Web COOL, WWW May'14
Urban*: Crowdsourcing for the Good of London @ MSM, WWW May'13

On air 
The shortest path to happiness(mp3) BBC World Path
Picturesque Satnav (mp3) This way Up, Radio New Zeland
The social makeup of the city from tube data (mp3) Deutsche Welle Radio

In the press
Project aims to crowdsource what makes a happy city BBC
(also on Le Monde, BBC Mundo, Cambridge University, Aristegui)

Why you were just 'unfriended' on Facebook New Scientist
Pochi amici in comune? Via l'amicizia. Su Facebook gli uomini piu'selettivi LaRepubblica

Crunch commuter data to track changing communities New Scientist

How location spotting can help spruce up the city The Independent
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