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Applying Space Syntax to Online Mapping Tools WSDM


Playful Cities: Crowdsourcing Urban Happiness with Web Games Journal of Built Environment
Incentivizing social media users for mobile crowdsourcing Elsevier Journal of Human-Computer Studies
The Emotional and Chromatic Layers of Urban Smells ICWSM
Chatty Maps: Constructing sound maps of urban areas from social media data Journal of the Royal Society (Open Science)
Who Benefits from the "Sharing" Economy of Airbnb?

The Death and Life of Great Italian Cities: A Mobile Phone Data Perspective WWW


Dawn of the Selfie Era: The Whos, Wheres and Hows of Selfie Users on Instagram COSN
Cultures in Community Question Answering HT
Smelly Maps: The Digital Life of Urban Smellscapes ICWSM project
Predicting the Ambiance of Restaurants and Coffee Shops with Profile Pictures ICWSM

Taxonomy-based Discovery and Annotation of Functional Areas in the City
The Digital Life of Walkable Streets
The Social World of Content Abusers in Community Question Answering WWW

Urban Informatics and the Web WWW (Tutorial)
Chatty, Happy, and Smelly Maps Invited talk,  WWW (Companion Proceedings)
The Social Media for Cold Management Invited talk,  WWW (Companion Proceedings)
Measuring Urban Deprivation from User Generated Content CSCW 

Partisan Sharing: Facebook Evidence and Societal Consequences COSN
Sharing political news: the balancing act of intimacy and socialization in selective exposure EPJ Data Science
The Geography of Online News Engagement  SocInfo
The shortest path to happiness: Recommending beautiful, quiet, and happy routes in the city HyperText
The Architecture of Innovation: Tracking Face-to-Face Interactions with UbiComp Technologies Ubicomp

The New Blocs on the Block: Using Community Forums to Foster New Neighbourhoods WebSci
Mining Urban Deprivation from Foursquare: Implicit Crowdsourcing of City Land Use Pervasive Magazine
Lightweight Contextual Ranking of City Pictures: Urban Sociology to the Rescue ICWSM
Emoticons and Phrases: Status Symbols in Social Media ICWSM
Working with Friends: Unveiling Working Affinity Features from Facebook Data ICWSM
Recommending Investors for Crowdfunding Projects WWW
Taking Brazil's Pulse: Tracking Growing Urban Economies from Online Attention WWW web science (Companion Proceedings)
People of Opposing Views can Share Common Interests WWW (Poster Session)
The Pursuit of Urban Happiness Invited talk,  WWW (Companion Proceedings)
Evolutionary Habits on the Web  Invited Talk, WWW (Companion Proceedings)
Modelling Growth of Urban Crowd-Sourced Information  WSDM
Aesthetic Capital: What Makes London Look Beautiful, Quiet, and Happy? CSCW
Tracking serendipitous interactions: How individual cultures shape the office CSCW
Twitter ain't Without Frontiers CSCW

Cultural Dimensions in Twitter: Time, Individualism, and Power ICWSM blog
Don’t Worry, Be Happy: The Geography of Happiness on Facebook WebSci 
Why individuals seek diverse opinions (or why they don't)  WebSci
Traditional media seen from social media  WebSci 
Psychological Maps 2.0: A web engagement enterprise starting in London  WWW acceptance15% project
Urban*: Crowdsourcing for the Good of London Invited talk,  WWW (Companion Proceedings)
Reading Tweeting Minds: Real-time Analysis of Short Text for Computational Social Science Hypertext
Finger On The Pulse: Identifying Deprivation Using Transit Flow Analysis CSCW slides blog
Trend Makers and Trend Spotters in a Mobile Application CSCW slides

Spotting Trends: The wisdom of the few RecSys acceptance20% slides
Ads and the City: Considering Geographic Distance Goes a Long Way 
RecSys acceptance20% slides
Anti-gravity Underground? PURBA 2012 (Pervasive Workshop)
TweetLDA: Supervised Topic Classification and Link Prediction in Twitter WebSci code
Loosing "Friends" on Facebook  WebSci slides larepubblica
Visualizing Media Bias through Twitter
(ICWSM workshop)
Facebook and Privacy: The Balancing Act of Personality, Gender, and Relationship Currency ICWSM acc.20% slides video 

The Social World of Twitter: Topics, Geography, and Emotions ICWSM acceptance20%
Talk of the City: Our Tweets, Our Community Happiness  ICWSM (short paper ) slides

The Hidden Image of the City: Sensing Community Well-Being from Urban Mobility  Pervasive new scientist deutsche welle radio
Middleware for Social Computing: A Roadmap
  Middleware slides
Auralist: Introducing Serendipity into Music Recommendation  WSDM (plenary paper)acceptance8% (30/362) slides
Tracking "Gross Community Happiness" from Tweets  CSCW slides blog
The Personality of Popular Facebook Users CSCW slides blog

In the Mood for Being Influential on Twitter SocialCom slides blog  bib
Our Twitter Profiles, Our Selves: Predicting Personality with Twitter SocialCom blog bib
Mobile Phones and Outdoor Advertising: Measurable Advertising Pervasive Computing Magazine
SpotME If You Can: Randomized Responses for Location Obfuscation on Mobile Phones ICDCS acceptance15% slides blog bib

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Recommending Social Events from Mobile Phone Location Data ICDM acceptance19%(155/797) project slides
Using Mobile Phones to Nurture Social Networks Pervasive Computing Magazine project slides
StakeSource: Harnessing the Power of Crowdsourcing and Social Networks in Stakeholder Analysis ICSE (demo) project
StakeNet: Using Social Networks to Analyse the Stakeholders of Large-Scale Software Projects ICSE
acc.13% project
Sybil Attacks Against Mobile Users: Friends and Foes to the Rescue INFOCOM acc.24%(382/1575) slides
FriendSensing: Recommending Friends Using Mobile Phones RecSys project
Trust Models for Mobile Content-Sharing Applications UCL PhD Thesis 2009 Nominated for BCS Best British PhD dissertation in CS
MobiRate: Making Mobile Raters Stick to their Word Ubicomp acceptance15% blog slides bib
Lightweight Distributed Trust Propagation ICDM acceptance7% blog slides bib